InVitaGO Antigen Rapid Test
The InVitaGO Antigen Rapid Test has an above-average sensitivity of 98.5% and a test accuracy of 99.3%. Our InVitaGO Antigen Rapid Test has been tested,...
Details about our InVitaGO products
For our laboratory medical services, we only use products that have been tested and licensed in cooperation with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical...
InVitaGO "Mobile Test Laboratory"
Test (smear) on site in our fully equipped ,,InvitaGO mobile laboratories". InvitaGO takes care of relevant and necessary approvals from regulatory authorities...
InVitaGO PCR Test
The InVitaGO PCR Test has a superior sensitivity and a test accuracy of 99.9%. This PCR test has been tested, licensed and approved in cooperation with...
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