About Us

About Us

The heads of InVitaGO
Jochen Hüter, Ullrich Aufenberg, Marco Kleemeyer,

All 3 of them have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of laboratory medicine and technology, large sporting and cultural events, event logistics and medical project development. The InVitaGO team provides a full service - regardless of whether you are a medium-sized company, a large corporation, a city or municipality, a sports association, a cultural or music event organizer. In the field of laboratory technology, we constantly observe and sound out the latest developments and changes, which are then immediately incorporated conceptually, medically and logistically into our service profiles. Promised : we are professional and fast.
Starting with the antigen rapid test up to the fully equipped mobile test laboratory at your site, our developed 360° solutions, in times of the Corona Pandemic, are a recipe for success for more protection and more security.
We are here to help!

Special times need ideas and professionalism

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Thank you for your interest in contacting InVitaGO! +49 (0) 2131-7186016

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InvitaGO Office Neuss
Stresemannallee 4-6
41460 Neuss - Germany

Telefon: +49 (0) 2131-7186016
E-Mail: info@invitago.eu

InvitaGO Office Wiesbaden
Sonnenberger Straße 82
65193 Wiesbaden - Germany

E-Mail: info@invitago.eu

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- We have the mobile solution for the PCR and antigen rapid test -

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